You Can Be A Magic Hero Just Like Godfrey The Magician
How Can You Be A Magic Hero?
  • By helping others and asking for help

  • By getting a good education

  • By respecting everyone and yourself

  • ​By being optimistic and believing in yourself

Do I Have To Be A Magician To Be A Magic Hero?

Absolutely not!  You can be anything you want and still be a Magic Hero.

I just love being a magician so I do magic.  I want you to be and do what ever it is that you love.

This website will give you ideas about how you can be your own Magic Hero.

I will also teach you some magic tricks and explain to you how to find more info on being a magician.

You might have found out about this website because you already purchased “Godfrey Comedy Magic Show Activity Book.”   That book has some really neat tricks in it that you might like to learn.

If you’d like to get a copy just go to the tab marked “Activity book.”

Here is to you being your own Magic Hero and having a magical life.

​Godfrey The Magician

See What's In The "Godfrey Comedy Magic Show Activity Book"

Video to the left will show you Indestructible Handkerchief, Rubber Coin Illusion, and Spoon Bending.  

These are just three of the ten tricks you'll learn in the "Godfrey Comedy Magic Show Activity Book."

Learn Broken and Restored Nose Illusion & Cheap Version of Chinese Linking Rings

Watch this video to learn how to perform magic with your nose.

You'll also learn a neat little trick with safety pins.